Solder Sucker

A Quick Guide to Using a Solder Sucker

A solder sucker, also called desoldering wick, is a device that can be used to remove solder from a soldered joint. A common use would be when replacing components on circuit boards and removing old solder from their joints. This will ensure that the new component has enough space to fit in its position.

What is a solder sucker? A solder sucker is a perfect tool to use when you need to remove excess liquid metal from your soldering work. The soldersucker quickly pulls up any liquid metal that has not bonded with the surface of your project.

A soldering sucker is a tool that can be used to remove solder from an electronic circuit board. Solder suckers are often necessary to remove old or damaged components, replace them with new ones, and clean up the area around the solder joints on a circuit board before soldering.

How to use it effectively desoldering pump

Electrical Solder Sucker

Solder suckers are a necessary tool when working with electronics. They can be used to remove solder from the joint, clean the joint, and sometimes even create new joints. However, you must know how to use them properly so that they don’t cause any problems for your projects in the future. Here is an overview of what they are and how to use them:

  • Soldering suckers work by using vacuum power to pull molten solder away from a place it shouldn’t usually be onto a metal surface where it will cool down and solidify into its blob or puddle.
  • t’s best if you have one hand on the plunger handle at all times while holding your soldering iron in another hand.

Steps to train your solder sucker use

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A solder sucker is a tool for removing solder from the tip of a soldering iron. It consists of an air pump, which sucks up air and forces it out through a long flexible tube that ends in a nozzle with an opening and shaped like a flat-head screwdriver. When you use it to remove solder, be sure to hold the hot soldering iron away from yourself, so you don’t get burned by its heat! And if you’re using it on your computer’s circuit board, make sure there are no loose wires or components around before doing so because they could get sucked up too.

A solder sucker is a simple tool that can save you time and frustration if you remove soldered components. It’s easy to use, but it does have some limitations, so make sure you read the instructions carefully before using one for the first time. Here are five of the most common mistakes people make with this tool:

  1. Use too much force when pumping, which will cause air bubbles in your liquid soldering agent
  2. Put on gloves before turning on the pump, or else you’ll get burned by hot liquid metal droplets spraying out of a nozzle
  3. 3. End up sucking up more than just solder-think about where your solder is located (between two objects), not just what’s sticking out from them.
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