remove a damaged screw

Ways to remove a stripped screw

You have to remove the screws carefully when you start stripping it, as it needs to have more focus and twist. You can do this with the help of screw drivers and here we will see a few ways to remove a stripped screw.

Apply Penetrating Liquid

When a screw is rusted or it has some corrosion bonds then it needs to be removed. Use a penetrating oil to break down the rust and thus will help loosen the screw. This is the first step you have to do, you can even use some other chemicals to break down rust and clean screws. Pour the liquid on the screw and repeat the process if the rusting is so hard on the screw. Repeat the step until it breaks down. Then you can remove a damaged screw with an extractor.

screw extractor kit

Extract a Screw with Pliers

It would be tough if you are unscrewing the first set of ones. Some screws can be clamped on the pliers tightly around the sides of the screw head and twisted. Then slowly remove them from the clamp so that the screws can be extracted slowly. What should be done if the head of the screw breaks up. You have to use Screw extractor.

Using a Screw Extractor Kit

When you try to pull out the screw from the clamp, it is obvious sometimes the old screws can’t be taken back fully, the head can be broken and a small screw was struck inside the pillar. Use the extractor in the electric drill and reverse the screw out. The extractor is made up of extremely hard meta when you press down the screw and apply the pressure on a DIY extract a broken screw with all the force to dig the extractor grooves into the stripped out screw head and then I applied a low amount of power to the drill. If you do it quickly then it might result in complete damage.

Use Metal Drill Bits

It is the other option to do when the screw extractor kit is none of use. Pushing the bit straight down on the head of the screw, use the drill bits to weaken the head of the screw and pull the head off. After that the pliers to twist the remaining portion out when enough of the screw was exposed.

Some of the other things you can try using is heating the screws with a small torch, so it becomes easy to drill on the metal when it is hot. This looks as a pretty way to handle with screws effectively while removing them.

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